WORST BRIDE EVER! Look What Does The Bride During Holy Ceremonies!

Wedding is a solemn event in which two lovers swear their eternal love and faith,  is a moment full of emotion and feelings. Unfortunately bride in the picture below hasn’t the best behavior. She answered the phone and texting when that would need to be the most important for her and her partner. The priest speaks while she defies everyone present, sending messages from your mobile phone. The man is clearly disturbed by the reaction of the woman but unfortunately there is no reaction. The moment was recorded by cameraman hired for the wedding, a moment that husband sure it will not forget anytime soon. How would you react if you were put in such a situation? Sure you do not have the patience poor man! I would probably mad as hell and I leave the ceremony because I would not want to spend my life with a woman that shows a lack of respect. There is the head of the youth stiim if the most beautiful day of her life she talks on the phone and send messages. Something like that is outrageous!

source: youtube.com

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