World Record Large RC Paper Airplane !

World Record Large RC Paper Airplane ! In childhood all the play making paper airplanes that then launch them into the air. We spend hours looking for good friends to take a plane to withstand as much time in the air. It seems that the young man in the picture and remembered childhood and wanted to they made ​​a paper airplane that can fly longer. And he succeeded! Aircraft or engine helped a miniature price managed to fly for several minutes in the air, but still not handled by remote control. A very original idea that made ​​us briefly recall childhood!
Fever RC models slowly swept across the world, the internet increasingly appear in different videos of the enthusiasts of this kind of hobby. In this video we have a passion for RC model produced a slightly more unusual. Why say that? Because mounted  an engine on a paper airplane made ​​from a larger scale. The aircraft is operated by remote control from the ground by the young enthusiast.

source: youtube.com


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