TWO SHIP COLLISION! Carnival Legend crashes into Royal Caribbean !

Two cruise ships are hitting each other! Passengers are on high alert! The accident occurred on September 30, 2009 when in cruise ship Carnival and other ship Royal has been a collision. At the time of the crash boats were full of vacationing passengers on board. From research done after the incident it seems that the culprit is one of the captains of ships who not maintained the established baseline and went in the other boat cruise. Fortunately the event did not result in casualties but boats had to retire in the nearest port to conduct a thorough finding damaged in the incident. Tourists were embarked on the cruise ship to vacation and planned to continue, also the company that organizes holidays announced it will compensate the tourists. Perhaps this event marked their entire vacation, tourists were forced to continue their stay on another boat because the incidents occurred. The most important is that no one was injured in this event which could have a tragic turn.

source: youtube.com text vinemoments.com


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