Russian Kamaz Stealing Wood from the Reserve !

Russian Kamaz Stealing Wood from the Reserve !┬áThe world’s forests are in serious danger. Half of the original forest has been destroyed and things are about to get worse if the current rate of deforestation is checked. Every minute 26 hectares of forest are lost – and it’s not hard to see that if this continues we will have a planet devoid of forest. This would be catastrophic not only because of the fact that many species have their habitat in the forest but also because forests play an important role in regulating the planet’s climate. Once the Earth was mostly covered by forest but with increasing human population they had to be cut. This is very true especially in the UK where agriculture has an important role forests and reduced to a few scattered clumps. But rainforest has suffered especially last century, the early century. 20 was 1.5 billion hectares to 700 million records ramase.Solutia as stopping deforestation and thus halt the deterioration. But is this the only answer? World timber trade reached $ 5 billion business so stopping it would be met with much hostility. But maybe it’s not needed full stop cutting. Schemes Forest management plan is carried out worldwide with emphasis on sustainability. They allow deforestation conduct strict guidelines so that environmental impacts are minimized. Look how in Russia are stealing wood deforested illegally by truck during the day without any problem !!

source video: youtube.com

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