Rider is Challenging Police Officer To A Speed Race ! CBR600RR Vs. Police Harley Davidson!

We know very well that people in uniform must have a certain conduct and that should be the first to react to driving that can endanger the lives of other road users. Well it seems that there are exceptions to the rule. An unusual race take place in America, a biker take to race with a cop who just stopped at the light traffic  next to him. Police reaction is fabulous accept the challenge without second thoughts. The young man driving a Honda CBR600RR one of the most powerful bikes on the market and cop a Harley Davidson part of police equipment. Race starts at green traffic light, police initially manages to go first but is soon reached the young with Honda bike. The competition is filmed with a camera mounted on the helmet young biker. The video was posted on the Internet and within days became viral, unfortunately for police that has not only brought fame but a dismissed because his superiors did not agree with how he behaved. The cop left with the sympathy of thousands of people worldwide who have remained impressed by the way he reacted.

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments

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