Pulling Contest: 1 Horse against 18 men !

Who wins the challenge? A horse against a 18 men strong! The competition took place in a festival dedicated horse lovers. The organizers had a wacky idea they were thought to test the strength of a horse against the 18 men who had agreed to be part challenge. With a rope hanging from the horse, men had to stop in his quest aa horse forward. . Unfortunately for them not the slightest chance against the power of the animal. As soon as the horse leaves the place, men are dragged without the slightest problem. The horse won the contest, festival organizers awarded the animal with some fresh straw well worth the effort. One of our festival which recorded the entire sample then upload online. The video quickly became viral caught in a few days. A very interesting competition in horse shows once again that it is an animal that people can rely on in every situation.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoment

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