MK-19 AUTOMATIC GRENADE LAUNCHER! Filmed in actual combat!

A U.S. special forces soldier shooting when using MK-19 grenade launcher during an open fire on Taliban insurgents. Man shooting when using the firearm on an area where some enemies hiding. The gun used is one of the strongest that have available U.S. Army is able to shoot long distances grenade assault. Soldier explains step by step the steps must be made when using a weapon of this caliber. The weapon is also known codenamed Mark 19 and shoot projectiles of 40 mm was put into operation for the first time in the Vietnam War and remained in the armed forces until now. Mk-19 can hold up to 2,000 meters by 1,500 meters while loses acuratete.Poate be used on military vehicles jeeps genre, but also supports naval Humvee.

source: youtube.com    text: vinemoments.com


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