WE LOVE RUSSIA 2014 – Ultimate Funny Video Compilation !

WE LOVE RUSSIA 2014 – Ultimate Funny Video Compilation ! Why we love Russia? Words are not enough to describe why we love Russia! Russia is a country where Abnormal is normal. Russian way of life differs from that of other people in another country. The Internet is full of records adventures that happen only in Russia. Car accident in unusual ways, a walk through any city in Russia is an adventure. If your pleasure thrills is necessary to make a holiday in Russia! Russia is a country of contrasts, where you expect to happen almost every daily. The funniest, weird or amazing internet clips are filmed in … Russia! Even if strange things happen in this country, Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world. Country covers an area of ​​17 million square kilometers and as a joke, Russia can compare with the planet Pluto which has 16.6 millions square kilometers. The main resource of this country are natural gas and oil. Russian pipelines put together can surround our planet more than 6 times! Russians drink two times more than Americans! Some of the richest Russians have a fortune as the state budget of a country like Pakistan! And if you did not know Russia sold Alaska to America in 1868 for $ 7.2 million dollars!

source: youtube.com text: vinemoments


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