– Lifting A Tractor With Feet! – Muscle Power of Desi Pehalwan !

In India annually organizes” Kila Raipur Festival” which is kind of the Olympic Games in rural areas. In these games everyone can participate in an event very dear in this country. What is very interesting is the evidence of this event are quite unusual, like an evidence presented in the video below where a man pick up a tractor with legs. The man lies down and begins to push the tractor wheel barefoot after several seconds before lift the tractor a few inches off the ground. This festival attracts more than 4,000 participants both women and men from all over the country. The festival lasts three days and is attended by more than a million people. And as a first for the festival last edition was televised entirely a local television station. Kila Raipur Festival grows from year to year and organizers hope that one day festival to be recognized internationally. Watch the incredible images below!

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments


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