The JET Bicycle – The most dangerous unsafe bike EVER !

The JET Bicycle ! The most dangerous unsafe bike EVER !The young people in the picture had a crazy idea and put it into practice. They fitted a jet engine on an old bike found in the back yard. After several weeks of testing and changes finally managed to achieve probably the only bike that has a jet engine. Building the bike was not easy work, young people faced a lot of problems that they have passed. The boys recognize that the invention is very dangerous because it is very difficult to control at high speed. The bike is powered by a gas cylinder fueling the mini jet engine. Because young people have got very famous invention worldwide, several internet sites have taken their movie that shows the unique invention.Movie managed to raise millions of views in just a few weeks after the launch of the internet.Hopefully in the future to see other inventions brave of two boys!

Source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments



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