The Great Escape! Pig Escapes From Moving Truck!

Flying Pig! Image of a pig who escapes from a truck trailer stunned the world these days. After several searches on the internet, we finally found the video with the pig who manages to escape from the truck it probably led to the slaughterhouse. The animal must have felt that the end is near, with a acrobatic maneuver  managed to escape from  the truck. Pig not only escaped from the truck, but landed unharmed on the road. The truck driver did not realize that one of the pigs is released and managed to continued calm way to the slaughterhouse. Probably will have to answer in front of bosses for not having properly secure cargo. Unique moment was filmed by a driver who was behind the truck carrying pigs. He managed to film the exact moment the pig manages to jump out of the truck. And you should see this movie, which has gone viral on the internet.

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoment

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