Every Day In Russia Is An Adventure ! Check this crazy video!

Every Day In Russia Is An Adventure ! Check this crazy video! I think we are already accustomed to the lifestyle of the Russians, for they did everything normal is actually abnormal. In Russia crossed a pedestrian crossing is a whole adventure, not you realize how someone appears occasion car and be injured. In Russia there is a different way to get drunk, enjoy the first two or three boxes of beer and then you can say you start drinking. Chuck Noris probably comes from a family with roots in Russia, otherwise we can not figure out how to get rid of all the unpredictable situations that they encounter. Traffic signs have another meaning, in fact when you go on a priority road must be careful because you do not know how someone appears on another road that is his priority. Well all these things are part of normality that offers this country, if you thrill seekers really need to plan your vacation in this country. Bend with respect to Russia and look forward to other adventures of these men to amaze us.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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