Have you ever wondered how it looks 207 MILLION DOLLARS CASH!

We live in a world where everything revolves around money, we have to run every day for money. Have you ever wondered what it looks like 207 million dollars cash? Well you show us! Money is coming in after a raid by DEA agents in America that deals with investigation of cases of corruption, money laundering and trafficking illegal substances. Colossal amount was discovered in a house in Mexic.In much money from the drug trade. The investigation began in 2007 when the Mexican authorities with the U.S. did band together to catch the biggest drug dealer in Mexico. It is businessman Zhenli Ye Gon aged 44 years of Chinese origin, but with Mexican nationality. Hidden under the cover of a business, the businessman managed to out of the country large quantities of illegal substances, which then ended up on the black market worldwide.

source: youtube.com/GodGhettoSuperstar  text: vinemoments.com


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