Devastating Rock Fall in Termeno! Incredible Images!

On January 21, 2014 has been an unfortunate event in Tarmin in Italy. A stone boulder measuring 4000 cubic meters came off of a cliff and devastated several homes in the city. The authorities reacted promptly so that the proportions of the disaster was limited, there were no reported casualties but damage occurred following massive pieces of rock fall. The townspeople are devastated, because they have never lived such an event and hope that the future would not take part in such a catastrophe. In the video below, you can see incredible images of the devastated city after the fall of pieces of rock. Images were captured using drone that flew over the area to discover the proportions of the disaster. Several homes were put on the ground, some crops have been compromised but most importantly as I mentioned above is that nobody was injured in this terrible event.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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