How to destroy your car in a few seconds! A race between two CORVETTE ends badly!

A race between two CORVETTE ends badly! How to destroy your car a few seconds! How to destroy the car in seconds. Two guys that have the same model car have thought to do a race to determine which of the two has better quality driver. The competition takes place as soon as the traffic light turns green color. Too bad none of the two men do not know how to control their cars that have hundreds of horsepower! You must be unconscious as you throw in a race car even though you know your vare  is very powerfull, and there are very high chances to cause a traffic accident.
The two cars go at high speed and only after a few tens of meters one of two drivers escape as car control, skids and hits the other car. The whole scene is followed closely by a driver who travels behind the two and was very sure that the race will end badly!

source: youtube.com text: vinemoments


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