Car Riding On The Wall Of Death – Allahabad, India

The stunt defying the laws of physics! Look what manages to make this driver of India! Stunt is performed in a place called “Walls of Death”, a name given the danger seemed predestined place. The driver manages to climb by car round concrete walls. An incredible and very dangerous stunt in the same time. The car manages to spin the base of the tower to the top without the slightest problem. At one point the car doors open and two men come out to greet the people who gathered to see the stunt. After several minutes, the car made ​​several turns in a circle, the driver manages to bring the whole car back on the ground. It seems that this place is quite popular among youngsters as often gather here to perform all kinds of dangerous stunts. Authorities think quite seriously to shut this place before any unfortunate accident happen.

source: youtube.com


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