The Biggest Remote Controlled Airbus Ever !

It is the largest RC airplane in the world! A toy for big kids! RC model plane is made by a real plane. Rc some models are not toys, they are made in the smallest detail by the model it copies. The man in the video handles an Airbus on the scale 1:15! The weight of this plane exceeds 70 kg, imagine what might happen if the plane is not controlled properly and crashes … Plane is constructed by Peter Michel from Switzerland and is piloted by his friend Michel Brauer. The model is propelled by four petrol engines specially designed for this type. The wings are 5.3 meters long. Autonomy flight of this aircraft is only 8 minutes so playing time is relatively short. If you have free time and you chose a considerable amount of money you and the Your take possession of such toys!

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments.com


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