$100,000,000.00 Skyscraper Fail!

This is the best example of how not to build a building! Raising skyscraper began in 2008 and a year later the entire building was put down. It seems that due to bugs in the foundation building over time began to lean to one side. A team of construction specialists reviewed the building and reached only one result: skyscrapers must be demolished because it represents an imminent danger so that the building will not be in use. With a company specializing in demolition, the building was put down for good. Unfortunately for the entire project development company left a huge hole in the company’s budget. The entire investment and demolition costs amounted to huge amount of 100,000,000 dollars! May jus can watch the entire process of demolition of skyscrapers. This was put down with explosives mounted props of the building.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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