10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win !

10 Amazing Bets You Will Always Win ! Personally I think the tricks are very interesting, and are a good way to break the boredom at a party or why not on a romantic date. I do not know a person who does not likes to be doing a trick. Tricks to help us get out of the monotony of daily routine and makes us smile and feel better. For those who are not experts and are only for beginner stage there are various internet videos in which we clearly explains each step that we need to do to be able to perform a trick correctly. Below you can watch a tutorial which explains 10 tricks very simple but very spectacular. Before you start to learn these tricks you need to learn a few golden rules of a magician. ” A magician never tells “how” did the trick again! No matter how many times you are asked to give the solution or what you promise in return. The beauty of magic is just mystery. If you know how you do tricks, mystery and curiosity disappears. Another important rule is to not do the same trick several times in front of the same people. Might that eventually someone find the solution. Make sure you have practiced often enough before doing the trick in front of other people. Be dramatic and be a good actor to manage to fool your audience.”

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments

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