Zetor vs Fendt !

Tractor is a wheeled or tracked vehicle designed to perform various operations with technological machines and equipment carried, semi-mounted or towed. Can serve as a power source for driving of stationary machinery used in agriculture. It is also used in construction, land improvement, logging and mining in transport. Before reaching the current technical development, the tractor has come a long and complex development, the result of a whole evolutionary process of technology. Tractor timing is closely related to the discovery and improvement of the steam engine and internal combustion engines. The first wheeled tractors steam engine appeared in England sIFR in the fourth decade, the nineteenth century and were used in the army and transporturi.Primele wheeled tractors steam engine appeared in England and France, fourth decade of the nineteenth century and were used in military and transport. They began to use in agriculture, first for training batozelor and then switched to replacing animal traction tools seedbed preparation, sowing, harvesting etc.
As you can see has a large use in different fields. Due to its high popularity, over time people have organized competitions and activities involving these wonderful machines. That appeared competitions and festivals dedication tractor. The most popular of these competitions is evidence that they measure very second tractor pulling it apart with a metal sufe.

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