World’s Most DANGEROUS Route Ever!

World’s Most DANGEROUS Route Ever! The Atlantic Ocean Road is one of the most dangerous trails on the old continent Europa, a trail that leads you from one island to another, reaching Averoy,  a wonderful journey over bridges across the sea roll around in impossible evolutions . Over time this road has reached second most visited tourist destination in Norway. Famous road construction began in 1993 and was marked by serious fight against the forces of nature. During his six years as the work lasted, were recorded over 12 dangerous storms. The road covers a distance of 8 km, a short distance but which contains eight spectacular bridges over the ocean. The main attraction of the road is Storseisundet Bridge and it is the longest bridge of the eight bridges, includes a very dramatic curve. The famous British newspaper The Guardian chose this route as the best destination for a trip by car. The road is located in the west, a place where at certain times of year you can see seals and even whales. Another unique feature of the bridge is that it serves as a fishing location for tourists who visit the area. In 2009, Atlantic Road was extended from Averoy up in Kristiansund through a tunnel called Atlantic Tunnel. If you are planning a trip by car through Europe must not miss this road that offers spectacular scenery.

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