World’s 1st Rifled Slingshot (Made from Huge PVC Sewage Pipe) !

World’s 1st Rifled Slingshot (Made from Huge PVC Sewage Pipe) ! The first sling in the world that shoot with a hand electric drill! Sure you thought someone could not build such a weapon .. But it seems that someone had enough imagination and the result is fabulous .. Let’s see the features of the gun. The gun is built with a PVC pipe that rotates with the help of electric stirrer. PVC pipe was attached to a support which has 8 wheels that help gun easier to handle. All mechanism is rotated using a drill and a rubber strap. Drill pipe PVC manages to spin more than 420 rpm. This machine reminds us of slingshots that I had in childhood. That toy gun that never missed in the arsenal of every little boy. The toy was made ​​of one or two strips of elastic at the end of which bind a piece of leather, cloth or rubber. In that place was put a pebble or plastic ball and the speed could be thrown tens of meters. I’m sure you remember this toy and that the video below is brought to another level but the operating principle is the same. You must see how the young in the picture managed to make with the help of a few common things that we found in the garage.

source: youtube.com text: vinemoments


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