TOP 10 SHIPS IN STORM INCREDIBLE VIDEO! Nature unleashed not forgive anyone. A turn images taken in different locations of the world. Huge waves have created problems boats at sea. The images are stunning, boats trying hard to stay on the water even if they are hit in all parts of the impressive waves. Risk of sinking is imminent and could occur at any time. In these critical moments experienced crew is very important, each member needs to know very well the position of intervention in this war with the forces of nature. As soon as the danger is imminent emergency form a council and decide what to do in this situation. The ship’s captain is the one who has the right to decide. Storms at sea are very dangerous when the unexpected occurs. There are various stories told by each member who survived after such an adventure that will leave you stunned. Throughout history, storms and floods have caused destruction and loss of many lives. Some experts believe that, in part, human activity is responsible for the growth and intensity frecvemtei many natural disasters.
Severe storms are disturbances of the atmosphere. From a scientific standpoint, meteorologists consider as systems meteorological storms with wind speeds of intensity 10 to 12 on the Beaufort scaleou

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