Terrible Incident At a Zoo! A Woman Falls In the Polar Bears Pit!

Terrible Incident At a Zoo! A Woman Falls In the Polar Bears Pit!¬†Moments of nightmare at the zoo in Berlin, Germany, a woman aged 32 was attacked by a polar bear after it slipped into the shelter. She disregarded the signs forbid you try to feed wild animals and shelter too close to polar bears. In a moment of inattention has slipped in the middle of wild beasts. Immediately six people witnessed the incident attempted to distract the bears with all sorts of objects. Unfortunately it was not enough as the woman was bitten several times on her arms and legs. Finally a man managed to pull the poor woman with a makeshift rope. She still had a bit of luck so to speak, because she was bitten by one of the four polar bears that were in the shelter. Woman’s gesture ignores warning organizers costato expensive and can even lose their lives if other visitors does not the rescue. Spokesman Heiner Kloes the zoo has expressed regret for the terrible incident and also told the press that in the future will try to tighten security measures in areas where dangerous animal shelter. The woman was taken to hospital for specialist treatment needing more surgery healing of wounds in the attack.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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