Teeth Whitening In India ! This is wrong!

Teeth Whitening In India ! This is wrong! When your teeth does not have the desired brightness is time to make a visit to yor dentist. Nowadays with modern equipment teeth whitening operation is very simple. In a few minutes the dentist whiten your teeth so you have a perfect smile. But how to whiten teeth in a less developed country such as India? Unfortunately this thing is done in  unimaginable conditions, so-called” doctor’s office” is  in a market or a roadside. Clients are consulted outside without the slightest protection hygiene. After the patient is seated in  chair the doctor anoints teeth with a solution that promises to whiten your teeth in seconds, of course this will not happen. What is more shocking is how the whitening process is done, doctor simply wander through the mouth empty handed without any protective gloves! But the treatment does not end here, in this process the patient is hit and pulled clothes several times.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments


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