Shark Vs Sea Snake !

Shark Vs Sea Snake ! Sharks live on earth for a long time, it is considered that these marine creatures existed even before the age of the dinosaurs, now more than 400 million years. Shark as we know it today has suffered many genetic modifications, it is believed that there were sharks of all kinds and colors. Currently, there are approximately over 360 species of sharks. The shark is considered to be the king of the ocean. It has a length between  between 15 cm and 18 meters. There are fish that have no bones and the body covered with a hard skin that protects them. They are very good swimmers  due to favorable body shape. They feed mostly with animals from the water.
Water snake lives exclusive near water because it does not tolerates very well the presence of other animals or humans. Its color is yellowish gray with olive spots. A special feature of this species of snake is the able to ” play” the dead when it feels threatened. In the pictures below you can see a fight between a shark and a water snake. Original images were captured using a underwater camera  by a diver  who exploring the area.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments


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