Real Mermaids Found Dead On Beach – True Real Story !

Real Mermaids Found Dead On Beach – True Real Story ! Siren of the image has sparked many controversies among internet users. On social networks appeared numerous controversies related to this short clip that appears in the body of a mermaid on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. It seems that the blame for this controversy are Pirates of the Caribbean filmmakers who have forgotten some of the props in the place where they filmed part of the movie. Now I will present some interesting facts about mermaids. Mermaids are known to be mythical creatures that seems to live in seas worldwide. Mermaids are described as beautiful women with long hair but from the waist down have a fish tail. In general stories about mermaids are made ​​by sailors and fishermen who sail on the sea, they claim that these creatures really exist … French and British researchers claim that these creatures belong to species of marine animals called and dugongs, whose bust shows breasts prominent and have a dolphin-like tail. But it seems that recently, zoologists Americans received some mysterious reports coming from Papua New Guinea who had credible evidence and hard to dispute about the existence of mermaids! Perhaps the world’s most famous mermaid is Ariel Little Mermaid or as we know from the cartoon we brighten up our childhood. Images mermaids are everywhere in the arts and are represented as goddesses of the deep.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments.com

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