Rc Truck´s! Do you believe that are just toys!

Do you believe that are just toys! Lately RC truck fever swept the whole world! Passionate about this hobby constantly investing huge sums in this incredible cars. Whatever the model chosen these cars are incredible, are made in the smallest detail. Any function of the real cars is copied faithfully these models. In these images have an RC passionate who has made ​​a truck that is able to walk him without the slightest problem. The truck is a replica of a much smaller scale of a famous American truck. The man made ​​a demonstration that shows minicamionului capabilities. It is powered by a gasoline engine tailored specifically for this model. The truck is superb, you can not not fall in love with such a powerful machine! Unfortunately, this passion is not very accessible, parts needed to build a truck also cost a lot.

source: youtube.com


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