How Police Stop Cars in Russia ! Insane driver’s!

Perhaps being a cop in Russia is more complicated than in any other country … we know very well what they are capable Russians when driving. The officer who participated in a detection of drivers exceeding the speed limit simply fails to stop any car. Without imagining what awaits him is positioned in the middle of the road and raise the right hand vertical sign that invites the driver to reduce speed car and pull over. To the astonishment of agent drivers do not reduce speed and pass like lightning along poor cop. But sadly funny this story for free agents does not end here. After a few seconds to two cars going the same way. So again is positioned in the middle of the road and like first hand pick up and invites the driver to stop on the right side of the road for control. But the unlucky two cars pass without any troubles and poor cop does not believe it.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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