Plane Crash Compilation ! Worst Plane Failure Ever Caught on Camera!

It is said that flying by plane is the safest method of travel in the world. Do not deny it, but if you’ve watch the images below might change your mind. Over time they have happened a lot of accidents in which planes were involved. Accidents can be caused in your main two reasons. Accidents occurred due to a technical failure such as engine failure or malfunction of the landing gear. And accidents occurring after a pilot human mistakes or guide. The most serious accident happened after a pilot big mistakes occurred in 1977 in the island of Tenerife. Since then, flight engineers tried to improve from year to year safe flight. There has been new ways of communication with the aircraft captain so that such incidents will not be happening any time. However, accidents can happen anytime and unfortunately in most cases the survival rate is very low. However in the last year flying by plane has become safer aircraft accidents have decreased dramatically.┬áSo flying by remains the main method of travel!

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments



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