Mini CNC 4-axis and Miniature Chevrolet V8: Super Sound!

Mini CNC 4-axis and Miniature Chevrolet V8: Super Sound!┬áChevrolet 6 liter engine with 8 cylinders in V is produced by General Motors, is used not only for this brand of cars, but the cars including Hummer, Cadillac and American truck plant, while another version of the engine is located on the Corvette. They are part of the third and fourth generation of engines with lower engine block engine produced by Chevrolet in 1955 in 1955, which discuss above (which also had all eight cylinders in V) was precursor of which discussed in this article, called Vortec 6000, avnd a capacity of 6 liters and 4342 cubic inches, being used mostly on cars Chevrolet and Corvette. He attended the 4637 cc model, but those of 5360 and 5735 in the 60’s were the ones that allowed the Chevrolet to become a major player in the muscle car market sites even before the launch of the “monster” of 7440 cc with 8 cylinders in V small block engine was compact and durable and is extremely powerful. The 5360 for example, offering more horsepower than other 8-cylinder engines can only model 4950 cc beating him. According site Chevyhiperformance.com and 6 liter V8 engine developed in 2000 works by the same principles. Due to its performance this engine gets fans from around the world. A lover of this type of engine has managed to achieve an exact copy but at a much smaller scale of this engine. The engine works just like a regular one, and even manages to faithfully reproduce the sound of the original engine.

source: youtube.com

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