Lion Shows Tourists Why You Must Stay Inside Your Car !

Lion show tourists that they should remain in the car! Leo is one of the most ferocious wild animals, due to its incredible abilities to hunt is recognized as the king of wild animals. Regardless of where is the animal (in captivity or in nature) it must be respected. A good example we have in this short video, visitors who are in a national park were stopped on their way to take some pictures of the lion. Unfortunately for them were too close to the animal and he responded nervously several times. Fortunately the event had a tragic turn for the tourists took inspiration, and stayed in the car. Tourists taking photos from their car and lion felt threatened by their presence and began to bark at them. Leo did not consider the need to attack, if it would have happened for sure was not sufiecent for tourists to fei safe! People did not respect park rules are very clear:” No part of the body can get out of the car, either through the window or roof except for designated areas. ”

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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