Leopard Attacking a Small Village In India!

Leopard Attacking a  Small Village In India! A leopard strayed bring terror in a small village in Africa. Animal manages to provoke terror among villagers . It looks like the animal been hiding in a house in the village, at a time the animal escaped after giving a part of the roof tiles. As soon as the animal manages to escape,  attack everyone around him. Ballarpur village is located very close to the natural reserve of Tadoba tigers. During warmer days animals come to human settlements where looking through household waste leftovers. After the residents were informed of this uninvited guest they tried to isolate him in the house until the authorities make their appearance. Villagers blocked all the windows and doors of the house and climbed on the roof where they gave some tiles to one side to try to tranquilize the leopard. Unfortunately the animal was not shot and left out through the hole made ​​earlier. In his attack leopard attacked several villagers, including a woman who attended the event. After several hours in which to hunt the animal struggled, they managed to capture. Leopard aged about 30 months will be released back into nature where it belongs.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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