Huge Russian Military Ship Plug On Crowded beach – Truthloader !

Huge Russian Military Ship Plug On Crowded beach – Truthloader ! Perhaps this event is one of the most bizarre events ever spent! Usually the beach is a relaxing place where you do not expect to see a big warship near you. But looks like this happened! Who could do this? If you say Russia, you guessed it! Russian warship belongs to the Ministry of Defence. According to their statements it appears that this event has occurred following a military exercise that the ship it perform in the area. It seems like everything was planned and that the exercise went according to plan well established. Tourists who were on the beach when the warship ran aground on the beach have had moments of panic and remain amazed at the appearance warships. Ship just came a few feet on the beach without any protection measure for tourists to be taken. People demanded explanations vain representatives army because nobody has been found responsible for this terrible event. Hopefully after this story any person who was on the beach when the ship ashore tissue was not injured. The entire scene was filmed with a mobile phone by an unwitting tourist witness this unusual incident.

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments


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