Golden Eagle Attacks And Catches a Deer !

Golden Eagle Attacks And Catches a  Deer ! Golden eagle is a bird that can be found in the northern hemisphere of the globe. Since ancient times it was regarded as a symbol of courage and power, that is why it is found in the emblem of the Roman legions, the French of the German Empire, the Russian and Austro – Hungarian. Golden Eagle is recognized for its excellent flight capabilities and because of the way he builds the nest in the most accesible places of the mountains. Females can reach at maturity 1 meter long and nearly 2 m when has open wings. Males are smaller than females. Body feathers are dark brown with a gold stripe on the back and neck, From here comes the name of the golden eagle. As I said nests are built on rocky peaks, tall trees with high crown. The nest must be big and roomy that will be used many years. Female Eagle filed each year within 3 egg which hatches. Eagles food consists mostly of mammals from mice to deer camp. One example we have below where a golden eagle was shot while attacking a deer in the Russian Far East. Golden eagle was photographed when pounced on a baby deer and shot down. Because eagles need a large area to grow and to – and raises few chickens, habitat destruction and limiting their life led to the threat of extinction of species, even where laws against hunting are very harsh.

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments



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