Giant Snake Found and Captured in The Red Sea !

Giant Snake captured by divers in the Red Sea! But wait, you may ask if the animal is there really true! Fortunately the snake is really the only thing in these pictures. The artist who put into practice the sketch used toy soldiers, toy cars and scenery. Perhaps if these images were captured real snake would certainly have exceeded the length of 70 meters. We realize that anaconda snake is an animal that can reach impressive sizes but can never reach such a length. There are snakes that do not have venom and captures its prey squeezing it until it runs out of air or suffering multiple fractures. Film industry took advantage of imposing image of the snake, using it as a main character in many films, most notably the series “Anaconda.” This has not only increased the popularity of this snake from the Amazon jungle and screens Seeking film became a pet. So this animal unwittingly become a important actor in several films over time. Anaconda …. just saying the word causes shivers. And for good reason! With usually over 10 meters and 250 kg and an average diameter of 30cm, anaconda qualify without problems in class monsters on this planet. areas prince in this animal can be found (although not anyone want this event) are Amazon and Orinoco river basins in calm waters and marshes.

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments.com


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