Giant Shark Defeats Two Experienced Fisherman !

Giant Shark Defeats Two Experienced Fisherman ! First fish lived 400 milionae of ani.In now currently living seas and oceans over 20,000 species of fish and all swimmers excelenti.Unul of these fish is a shark.
Sharks have existed before the dinosaurs about 265 million million is now very large and with spikes on cap.Putine shark bones become fossils, but instead their teeth were fossilized, being older than 12 cm, these sharks are called Megalodon, with more than 24 m, but nowadays sharks have only 5 meters, ranging from a maximum one species to another, some being supple, hunters and extremely fast swimmers who cross long distances each year, but others are and flatten fatter or spending his life near a rocky shore or near a coral reef. There are about 360 species which, together with the rays and other species differ by a large number of cartilaginous fish, bony in their skeleton. Sharks are versatile, fast swimmers and have highly developed senses. Many species of sharks are able to hunt and eat the majority of marine animals. These qualities have contributed to their long evolutionary history. Because of these extraordinary qualities around these predators have created many legends, so people started certainly to hunt through various methods these animals. Even today there are fishermen who specialize in fishing of sharks, the evidence we have lower in this short clip  where a young man manages to catch with a fishing rod a huge shark.

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