Extreme Burning Brake Pads and Disks !

Extreme Burning Brake Pads and Disks ! Braking is the process of partially or completely reduce the speed of the car. Braking capacity of particular importance that directly determine the need for active monitoring of the vehicle and the possibility its full speed and acceleration during operation. During braking, some of the energy accumulated on the vehicle kinematics turns into heat by friction, and part is spent overcoming rolling and air resistance that opposes the motion. The effectiveness of the braking system ensure the value of the car speed performance because it depends on traffic safety at high speeds. As the braking system is effective with both average travel speeds increase and operating the automobile indices have higher values​​. In the car braking occurs late movement, due primarily to the action of friction forces of drums or discs integral with car wheels. A braking system must have the following qualities: efficiency – we specify the deceleration achieved stability – that is the quality of the car to maintain the trajectory in the braking, fidelity – the quality brake to get the same acceleration on all wheels. Below you can see a pretty tough test that is subject to the braking system have a car. We see what happens to disks when car is braking.

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments.com

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