Elephant Vs. Hippo: Extremely Rare Images Show Attack !

Elephant Vs. Hippo: Extremely Rare Images Show Attack ! As we all know the elephant is a herbivore mammal animal that comes Proboscidea family. It is a massive animal that can easily exceed 4 m tall and can reach a weight of over 6 tons. Elephant’s body is covered with a very tough skin without hair. Significant element is the elephant’s trunk is actually a long extension of the nose and upper lip. Help trunk smell, carry, but breathing and greeting other elephants. The elephant has two tusks imposing a material that is very popular called ivory. Ornaments are made of ivory, jewelry, billiard balls and piano keys. Unfortunately because these are extremely hunted elephants tusks so they got an endangered species.
The hippo is recognized as the uncrowned king of the jungle because of its ability to hunt. This animal is known for several violent attacks on humans over time. Hippo can reach over 2 tons weight and live in Africa. Despite its weight very quickly and this makes it an extremely opponent. Battle of elephant and hippo is very difficult but as you can see in these pictures the elephant is the winner.

source: youtube.com text: vinemoments

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