Crazy Boat Crashes Caught on Camera !

Crazy Boat Crashes Caught on Camera ! Accidents involving ships are usually quite rare, it is said that after air travel water transport is one of the safest modes of transport. Usually when there is an accident involving a cruise ship or a transmission losses are high from any point of view. Examples meet throughout history where ships like the Costa Concordia, Titanic, and jellyfish were stranded after serious accidents after which hundreds or even thousands of people lost their lives. The latest example is the accident dated 14 January 2012 which called Costa Concordia cruise ship ran aground with 4,000 passengers on board and crew members. Following this unfortunate 11 people lost their lives and over 20 are still missing. Another accident occurred that shook the world in July 1816 the French ship Medusa with over 400 people on board the ship wrecked after hitting a sandbar off the coast of Africa. Perhaps the most publicized accident was the sinking of the ship Titanic ship which took place on April 14, 1912 produced by impact with an iceberg. In 1517 collision and people have lost their lives! In the video below you can see a few accidents in different types of vessels were captured with the cameras over time.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments.com

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