Colorado Farmer Battles Wildfires With his Tractor !

Colorado Farmer Battles Wildfires With his Tractor ! A farmer from America risk their lives to save their harvest which was comprised of a devastating fire. Eric Howard farmer uses a tractor and a set of discs to try to stop the fire that progresses very quickly. A very dangerous task because the farmer is very close to the fire at a distance of only a few meters. It appears that the fire broke out after a storm that swept rural Bringhton. After this fire, 30 acres of land was completely destroyed. The farmer did not think for a moment the possible dangers and acted imdeiat to try to limit how much can the effects of fire. Unfortunately culture was destroyed at a rate of 40%, the fire being very ruthless with his crops. Such incidents are very common in rural areas as electrical discharges produced in a storm, sun dried cultures ignite immediately. For ferimier such an event can be a disaster, because financial investment can not be recovered if the culture can not be recovered. Let’s hope it is not so in this case we are fascinated by the prompt reaction of the farmer and how they react without fear in the face of such disasters.

source: youtube.com    text: vinemoments

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