Cat Attacks Mom ! Cat Trying To Protect The Baby !

Cat Attacks Mom ! Cat Trying To Protect The Baby ! Yes you heard right! The cat jumped to help the child when he think that was in danger! Unusual occurrence was filmed with the helph of cameras installed in the house. Mother and child were in the living room and play with the ball. Nothing seemed to herald what will happen in a few seconds. In a moment of inattention mother escape the ball over the glasses from the table in the living room. The cat was in the bedroom where quiet resting on a chair. When he heard the sounds of glasses that were broken, the cat jumped from his chair and headed quickly to the living room. As soon as reach the living room cat see broken glasses and family child crying scared of what had happened earlier. Without having to second thoughts cat attacking the mother thinking that she is guilty for what had happened. For several minutes the cat attacking the woman who is terrified of the cat’s violent reaction. Finally she manages to escape from the cat attack and takes the baby and leaves the room in a hurry. Unfortunately cats reaction was not without consequences because the family decided that it be put up for adoption in an animal shelter. The family does not want to have the cat around because they think that the next target could even be their child!

source: youtube.com  text: vinemoments


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