Bmw vs Tractor! A Unique Race! Who will win?

Bmw vs Tractor! A Unique Race! Who will win? A unique race between a BMW car specially prepared for racing and a tractor. Race takes place in an event dedicated to lovers of motor racing. Of course the race winner is BMW the tractor does not have even the slightest chance against hundreds of horsepower car. At the signal to start the race, BMW leaving the tractor goes first few tens of meters behind. Maybe if the race was held on a farm field tractor maybe then your chances of winning the race were much higher. The competition takes place at the request of the organizers who wanted to prepare a surprise spectators present car circuit. A great idea that has caught the public good. During the event will be several contests between specially prepared for races like this. Courses of this type are called” Drag Race” and covers a distance of 402.25 meters which represents a quarter mile. Enter the race cars line up at the start by two and turn signal given by a person or a traffic light.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments.com


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