These Are The BIGGEST & Most Dangerous Snakes In The World !

Anaconda or water boa as we know it it’s called, is the largest and most powerful snake in the world. It manages to kill prey by suffocation (curls on the body so hard until it runs out of breath or cause internal damage and then she swallows). Usually anaconda snake is found in rivers and swamps in Brazil. It is an animal that does not really let see, being active mainly at night. It can reach a length of over 15 meters and over 250 kg but there are testimonies of residents who reported seeing anacondas over 30-35 feet long, well these testimonials yet remain only at the level of assumption that could not be verified ever. The snake can reach the venerable age of 35, is considered the king of snakes being recognized as the fierce reptile in the world. Usually an animal “shy” who attack first and tends to retreat, but if it is endangered not hesitate to attack and bite. Luckily for us anaconda snake bite is not venomous. It is usually dark green with two rows of black spots on the back and white marks on the sides. Their daily menu consists of: turtles, caiamani, pigs, jaguars, deer …. It looks like a very large anaconda was captured in Brazil a few brave locals. The animal is brought on shore to the astonishment of the public who very closely with small to see with their own eyes the miracle. I do not know if it is the largest anaconda ever caught but surely is a huge catch that do not meet every day.

source: youtube.com   text: vinemoments

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