The Best Solution When a Car Remains Stuck!

The Best Solution When a Car Remains Stuck!┬áHave you ever had the unfortunate experience to be stuck in the sand? If so, there are some things you can do to get the car out of the sand, without a tow truck. The cars are going very well on the road, but not as well when you want to do an expedition through the desert! The reason is that roads are designed to provide traction – friction between the right amount of road surface and your tires so the car can move in the right direction. The sand reduces friction and thus reduce or eliminate traction. If you remove traction long enough, you will no longer move at all. If your car gets stuck in sand, it is pointless to accelerate to move around. Traction is independent of wheel speed. In fact, the drive can be reduced rapidly spinning wheels that tend to slip and faster in sand. What you need to do is to try two things: First, you can try to move the wheel very slowly hoping that the movement will not slow tire slip and provide traction you need to go. If you drive a car with automatic transmission, try putting the car in the lowest speed possible and give him very little fuel to move very slowly wheels. Still would be a better solution that you can remove the ingenious car in the dunes. Watch the video below!

source video: youtube.com

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