Belgian Horse With Very Bad Hooves Meets The Farrier !

Belgian Horse With Very Bad Hooves Meets The Farrier ! The horse below is part of the Belgian race, and as the name suggests they originated in Belgium. A small country but with fertile soil and favorable weather conditions farmers. Also found abundant pastures for hay and grain necessary to develop this beautiful breed of horses. Belgian horse is one of the most puternci horses in the world. The average horse weighs 900 pounds but extraordinary conditions this can reach a weight of 1,500 pounds.
Because the horse can go on different types of soil without the difficulty it needs to be saddled. Shoeing is a rather complicated operation whereby apply some” horse” iron shoes specially designed for each horse. Farrier must ensure that knows very well the anatomy of the horse must have a thorough knowledge of animal tendon system. It must be able to adapt according to state horseshoes and the height of the horse’s foot. Shoeing a horse participating in the competition is different from that of a work horse or harness. Unfortunately being a farrier is very rare that a job learn from elders.

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